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Lessons & Experiences:

The F.I.U. S.O.A. provided a solid foundation, with a brilliant ivy league staff, and a state of the art campus by designed by Bernard Tschumi, it afforded us a widespread knowledge of materials, technology & management techniques, on the design, fabrication, and documentation of projects, where We were encouraged to take on, and manage various tasks, while overseeing the projects’ overall intent and integrity.

Actively seeking to push the boundaries of technology and with strong work ethics, boundless creativity, heavily ingrained into the program, we now have over 15 years of combined academic and professional experience with:

  • Architecture & Landscape Architecture
  • Interior & Furniture Design
  • 3D modeling & Rendering
  • Operation of CNC Mills, 3D printers & Laser Cutters
  • Immersive VR Experiences
  • Web/Graphic/UX/UI Design

About FIU School of Architecture.

We believe architecture to be a conceptually based intellectual endeavor and a form of critical inquiry that addresses the built and natural environments from the scale of the city to the scale of the detail. The department is committed to producing conceptual thinkers and skilled makers who are versed in the techniques and knowledge of the discipline and who are cognizant of: critical theory, history, science and progressive social values. To realize these objectives, design is taught as a critical, speculative and creative endeavor embracing both the humanities and the sciences.


Master of Architecture

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture




F.I.U. Presidential Scholarship
Florida Medallion Scholars Award
F.I.U. S.O.A. Landscape Architecture Excellence in Design Award
F.I.U. S.O.A. Graduate Teaching Assistantship
A.I.A. Henry Adams Medal: Academic Excellence Award


Spring 2007 | BEA Gallery @ F.I.U. | Human Body as a Generator
Spring 2008 | BEA Gallery @ F.I.U. | Culinary Arts School
Fall 2008 | BEA Gallery @ F.I.U. | C.L.U. Institute
Spring 2009 | BEA Gallery @ F.I.U. | Bayfront Vertical Park
Fall 2009 | BEA Gallery @ F.I.U. | 7 Mile Bridge
Spring 2010 | BEA Gallery @ F.I.U. | Transhumanism Park
Fall 2012 | BEA Gallery @ F.I.U. | Lowline Housing
Spring 2013 | BEA Gallery @ F.I.U. | Celerius Luce Competition