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Thiago Menezes, ARVC’s Principal founder, is Florida & New York Licensed Architect focused on Architecture, Virtual Reality, and Construction.

In 2013 Thiago was awarded the A.I.A. Henry Adams Medal: Academic Excellence Award, which is the highest award given by AIA to emerging professionals. <br></br>

A graduate of Florida International University School of Architecture, holding a Bachelor’s of Landscape Architecture, and a Master’s of Architecture, Thiago is a young, highly experienced, and talented entrepreneur, actively seeking to challenge the status-quo. <br></br>

Prior to forming AVRC, Thiago was a Vice President and company qualifier at Miami’s renowned CMA Design Studio, and Director of Architecture at internationally known BRG Studio, where he produced drawings, helped develop new design & construction methods, created new standard operating procedures, oversaw day to day operations, all while conducting drawing reviews prior to signing and sealing for permit submittals.

Honesty, Integrity and Character, fueled by focused energy and accountable ambition.<br></br>
We live, and perform, knowing that our name is attached to everything We do. Whether it be, doing or consulting, we think of the process, (design, documentation, and construction) as if it, and all of its risks, and concerns, were our own.<br></br>
Doing things the “wrong way”, whether it be non disclosed financial gain, hiring a less qualified professional to retain capital, or just doing “it” for the monetary resources; “it”, doesn’t provide us anything of value for the future, and steers us away from getting to where We really want to be.

Over the past 15 years, We’ve worked with some of the best firms and professionals out here, taking roles from Draftsman to Director, and Free-Lancer to Vice President. Time and time again, We bore witness to things just “being done”, rather than “manifested with intention”. Sentences like “good enough”, or “ok for now”, being uttered with every other breath. We could not understand how, anyone, would be okay with themselves, knowing that investing their time from the beginning, would not only save them time in the foreseeable future, but also aid in the personal and professional growth of everyone involved for the rest of their life.<br></br>
Through life, via either successfully fulfilled projects, or unsuccessful interactions with both co-workers, supervisors, and subordinates, it became clear to us:<br></br>It matters not where you sit in your world hierarchy (hi or low), properly manifesting ideas, designs, visions, etc., into the real world, isn’t about taking or giving orders, it’s not about trying to change someone’s work ethic or their mind. It is about doing “it” with purpose, love, and intent, where your energy and focus are aimed at creating something of value to you and to everyone else involved. It is our belief that “this”, can be achieved by working with people who share your mentality, consulting with people that don’t (The “Devils Advocate), and leading by example.

We do things the way We would want them done them for ourselves, because that’s the only way to become the best version of yourself. We trust that you trust us in helping you achieve the manifestation of your imagination, which at times might differ from ours. If there’s a way, we’ll find it. We value the process, as much as We value the results. Together We shall yield a product of higher aggregated value throughout the entire endeavor. There is more value in the process, than most give credit to.<br></br>
Note: If someone claims themselves a professional (I.e. an Architect, an interior Architect, a Contractor, or Engineer) not just a “designer”, make sure they are properly licensed, or the company they own is licensed via a qualifier. The term Architect, like many other design and build professions out there, is being thrown around very loosely. Imagine a world where We could call ourselves a doctor, or lawyer, without having the proper license to practice.

We like to do things well.<br></br>
The things we’ve done before, We do faster.<br></br>
The things we’re doing for the first time, take a little more time.<br></br>
We care about what we do, its intentions, implications, and interchanges throughout life.<br></br>
The first time, and every time since.