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  • The Chef’s Table Interior Design (Pre Toro-Toro)
  • Mesa Cigar Shop
  • Pool Deck Renovation RFP (Partnered with OA Architecture)
  • Ballroom Terrace Concepts
  • Pre-Design Pool and Bar Trellis Works
  • Pre-Design Tobacco Shop
  • Pre-Design Ball Room Interior Renovations

About InterContinental Miami:

In 1982, InterContinental Miami was built in an untraditional way. Instead of building the hotel, then decorating it, we started with an art sculpture. Henry Moore’s 18-foot, 70-ton Spindle sculpture, made of travertine marble, was the focal point our lobby was created around. Pietro Belluschi, the world-famous architect who designed our 34-story hotel created our Grand Lobby to be an elegant entrance, with its Italian marble slabs and precious African wood complementing The Spindle.


Operating Capacities

Architect | Consultant | 3D Artist




Consultant on multiple occasions, for various projects, ranging from potential tenant visualization and minor renovations, to restaurant design and corporate proposals for major renovations.